Health Industry

We take a practical approach to managing conflict

Advocai LLP provides risk management advice and dispute resolution services to health agencies, institutions, and health care professionals. We can help you prevent or resolve a dispute with a patient and/or his or her family.

We understand that the health care environment is unique when it comes to legal disputes because the patient and the health care provider must continue to work together and face each other, despite the ongoing dispute.

Expertise in Elder Law

As experts in elder law, we have an intimate understanding of the challenges presented by an aging population. Our experience working with the elderly has taught us that distrust and a breakdown in communication are often at the root of the problem. Resolving the dispute may go beyond the traditional legal tools. An effective solution may require the development of a communication strategy and a system for follow-up.  In situations where there has been ongoing conflict between a patient and/or family with the health institution, it is likely that things will continue to escalate. We believe in not only providing a legal solution, but also rebuilding the relationship.

Practical Approach

Unlike many other firms, we take a practical, hands-on approach to managing conflict and if appropriate, we will make ourselves available to deal with the matter on site. We believe that face-to-face communication can be very effective and written correspondence may not always be the best approach.

The regulatory landscape in Ontario is complex and constantly evolving. We can help you stay on top of these changes and provide you with the appropriate legal tools to mitigate your risk and ensure that patients receive the best quality of care possible.

We can advise you on:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Patient and family relations
  • Crisis management
  • Waivers
  • Policy and manual development
  • Billing disputes
  • Complaints
  • Education

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