Patient Advocacy

Helping Patients Access Health Care and Protect their Rights

Advocai LLP represents patients at home, in hospital, in long-term care and retirement homes facing quality of care issues and problems accessing appropriate care. The health care system is complex and can be overwhelming, especially in times of crisis. We can help ensure that you have all of the relevant information to make appropriate decisions and raise relevant concerns.

We can assist with the following:

  • Billing issues/co-payment fees
  • Complaints regarding quality of care
  • Complaints regarding home care
  • Complaints against medical professionals
  • Medical negligence
  • Privacy breaches/access to medical records
  • Access to health care services
  • Patient and hospital relations
  • Advice to substitute decision-makers

Practical Advice and Advocacy to Reduce Stress and Enable Recovery

We know that this is a stressful time for you. You may be pressured to make decisions about your own health or that of a loved one very quickly. Given the circumstances, litigation may not be the best option to resolve your concerns. You need a quick and effective resolution to ensure that you or your family member receives the appropriate care - that is where our patient advocacy service comes in.

Depending on the circumstances, we will determine the appropriate course of action, which may involve corresponding or meeting with the health care providers on your behalf, and/or raising your concerns with the relevant regulatory body.

Patient Advocacy for Personal Injury Clients

We also offer our patient advocacy service to our clients we represent in personal injury matters. We can help you access the public and private services you require while getting you the recovery you deserve. We want to help you get your life back with as little stress as possible, from the hospital to your home.

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