How We Serve Our Clients:


Personal Injury Lawyers

  • Free Consultations
  • Fair Fees
  • Fullest Recovery
  • Outstanding Advocacy



Health Care Lawyers

Advocacy, risk advice and dispute resolution for patients and the institutions that care for them.



Elder & Health Crisis Management

Because we know that navigating a health crisis can be a matter of life or death.


Christine & John-Paul

Personal Injury Lawyers

We take a unique and holistic approach to personal injury litigation that goes beyond what is offered by traditional personal injury lawyers.

We visit potential clients at home and in hospitals across Ontario for free consultations. We offer fair fees and outstanding advocacy. Contact us for more details.

Health Law Services

Patient Advocacy

Patient Safety, Substitute Decision Making, Billing Issues, Medical Negligence.


Be approved as a Guardian of Property or Personal Care, consent and capacity hearings.

Elder & Health Crisis Management

Light Bulb

Understand your rights

Know your rights as a patient in hospital or a resident in a retirement home or long-term care home when it comes to matters related to discharge, billing, care and privacy.


Advice to Substitute Decision-Makers

We offer advice and dispute resolution services to help resolve family disputes so that you can move forward with a plan of care that meets the needs of your loved one.


Patient Advocacy

We advocate for our clients to ensure a safe discharge from hospital and to ensure that you have access to the appropriate level of care.


Discharge Planning

We work with a network of professionals to help you explore and understand the different care and living options available to you.


Coordinating Care

We work with a network of professionals to co-ordinate all of the supports and services required to meet your care needs once you are home or living in the community.

A sudden injury or illness can have a profound impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones. We help you and your family manage a health crisis.

We advocate for access to the appropriate health care and to ensure a smooth transition to a safe living situation. We will assist in putting the necessary protections in place to ensure your ongoing safety and financial security.

We work with a network of professionals to go beyond providing legal services and take the burden off of your shoulders.

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