Personal Injury Lawyer: Why am I proud of it?

I’m proud of the work that I do as a personal injury lawyer. I’m proud and privileged to have the opportunity to represent and advocate for victims – people, who through no fault of their own, have been injured and had their lives changed forever. Many of my clients face lifelong disabilities, many will never go back to doing the things that they loved, many will never be able to support their families again.

These are people who need help. These are people who have been wronged and need justice. These are people who need support in their recovery and these are people who need money to secure their future health and well-being.

I have noticed that some lawyers in the personal injury bar are ashamed of calling themselves personal injury lawyers. They will use the words “personal injury lawyer” on their websites and they will say it to their clients, but, if you ask them at a party they’ll tell you that they’re a ‘litigator’ or a ‘civil litigator’ or a ‘plaintiffs’ lawyer’ or an ‘insurance lawyer’ or something else along those lines.

I’m not ashamed to call myself a personal injury lawyer. No one who meets me will ever confuse me with a bus bench/tv lawyer with cheesy commercials and a tacky jingle. I’ve never taken or given a bait and switch referral fee and I never will.

Growing up, my parents were small town doctors. They worked long hours and weekends; they were called into the hospital in the middle of the night; and, their patients called them at home all the time. They dedicated (and still do) their lives to their patients and their community.

I used to think they were crazy, but, now I like to think that my practice is just like theirs. Most importantly, I like to think that I do the same ‘good’ they do. Perhaps that’s why my new firm doesn’t restrict its clients to those who were hurt in accidents or by negligence. We advocate for not only the injured, but the sick and elderly too.

But, if you ask me, I’ll still tell you I’m a personal injury lawyer and proud of it. This is not just a job, it is my vocation. So, I work the long hours and weekends, I take client calls at home and I do whatever I can to help my clients.

Through our legal system, the remedy available to accident victims is money – a judge can’t order a defendant to give you your health back. At Advocai, we know that we can’t sew you back together or prescribe something to take away your pain. What we can do is use our words, our voice and our legal system to help ensure that our clients get not only the fullest financial recovery possible, but also, the fullest physical recovery possible.

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