Ontario Dentist Sued by Former Patients in Multiple Lawsuits Filed by Advocai LLP

The claims brought by Advocai LLP on behalf of numerous former patients allege that Dr. Kaloti committed medical battery by installing dental devices not approved by Health Canada. The claims also allege that Dr. Kaloti negligently performed procedures without informing patients that the dental devices were unlicensed.

Unlicensed Dental Devices

The claims allege that Dr. Kaloti installed unlicensed dental devices from Foo Tian Dental Laboratory in patients without their consent, profiting from the cost difference between these unlicensed products and licensed Canadian dental devices produced by certified laboratories.

The plaintiffs allege they have suffered numerous injuries and complications from procedures performed by Dr. Kaloti, including pain and suffering, damaged teeth, bite misalignment, tooth discoloration, hardware/veneer debonding, and other injuries to the mouth and jaw.

Claims for Damages

The plaintiffs allege damages for battery, negligence, and breach of fiduciary duty, as well as seeking punitive and aggravated damages. The claims also request reimbursement for the amounts paid to Dr. Kaloti for the veneers and/or crowns, along with the cost of dental work needed to repair the damage caused by his alleged malpractice.

Filing Claims & Contact Information

Advocai LLP has filed claims on behalf of the plaintiffs in Halton (Milton) Courthouse. Potential victims who suspect Dr. Kaloti installed veneers, crowns, or other dental hardware from Foo Tian Dental Laboratory, or those seeking more information about the ongoing claims, are encouraged to contact Advocai LLP.

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